Kittens in new home

Barbie lives in Zabrze with Patrycja (photos by Patrycja)

Akira & Bianka live in Kraków with Kasia (photos by Kasia)

Aria lives in cattery Coccole&Fusa with Elena (photos by Elena)

Auk (Alex) & Teau (Banderas) live in Belgium with Heidi (photos by Heidi)

Pixel (Blake) lives with Ola in Wałbrzych (photos by Ola)

Atena lives in UK in cattery C4Cat (photos by William)

Carmen lives in Gliwice (photos by Aneta)

Charlie lives in France (photos by Samantha)

Persei Neva

Persei *PL – Cattery of Neva Masquerade

Explore the enchanted world of purebred unique Neva Masquerada cats only with us!

Photo Gallery